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Looking to find a welcoming place to maintain a beautiful and healthy lifestyle? Let us help bring out the best in you through our proven methods! Whether you're looking for help in your weight loss journey, need assistance with skin care, or just want to maintain and happy healthy body, our facility has something for you! Cryo You prides itself on non-surgical alternatives to enhance your esthetic and wellness goals. Learn more about Cryotherapy, Cryo Body Contouring, Customized Facials, Infrared Sauna, Salt Chamber Therapy and More!



Whole Body Cryotherapy


 The 3-minute treatment reduces inflammation and releases endorphins that help alleviate pain, boost energy and metabolism, and increase the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Localized Cryotherapy


 As opposed to whole body cryotherapy which stimulates cold receptors all over the body, local is comparable to “icing” which isolates a particular area in order to trigger an anti-inflammatory response. 

Cryo Facial


 Cryotherapy facials use pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size. The facial increases blood circulation to produce a tighter more even skin tone. 

Compression Boots


 Accelerate your recovery and crush tomorrow with the Speed Hound ProPerformance Recovery Boots System.  Provides on-demand, dynamic air pressure that massages your legs after an intense workout so you're fresher and ready to take on tomorrow. 

Cryo Contouring


New innovative way of tightening & toning the skin and reducing fat & cellulite using hot & cold techniques.

Infrared Sauna


 The infrared spectrum consists of near (NIR), mid (MIR), and far (FIR) waves, each with distinct characteristics and frequency ranges.  

Single Chamber Salt


 Our unique S.A.L.T. Booth® is an enclosed, dry salt therapy unit with our MULTI S.A.L.T. FX® halogenerator that provides individual and personalized skin and lung therapy. 



 The term PEMF means pulsed electromagnetic fields“ and describes in modern medicine the specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for the health benefit of human beings and animals. 



 Our Facials are customized with the Celluma LED Light Therapy and Diamond Microdermabrasion  to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring to promote anti-aging.

Hydration Station


 Kangen Water® is  water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. It produce's ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning. 

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